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Hyperinsulinemia: Best management practice


Chronic hyperinsulinemia associated with insulin resistance is directly and indirectly associated with many metabolic disorders that contribute to significant morbidity and mortality. Because hyperinsulinemia is not widely recognised as an independent health risk, there are few studies that assess management strategies. Medication management may not address the multiple issues associated with hyperinsulinemia. Lifestyle management includes physical activity, especially high intensity interval training, and dietary management. Reducing carbohydrate quantity and increasing nutrient density are discussed with carbohydrate-restricted and Mediterranean diets conferring additional benefits to a low-fat diet. Physical activity and dietary management provide the foundation for hyperinsulinemia management and may work synergistically. Of these principles, a combination of resistance and high intensity interval training, and carbohydrate restriction provide the two most effective frontline management strategies for managing hyperinsulinemia.

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Crofts, C. A. P., Zinn, C., Wheldon, M. C., & Schofield, G. M. (2016). Hyperinsulinemia: Best management practice. Diabesity, 2(1), 1–11.


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