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Modulating Weight Loss and Regain through Exercise and Dietary Protein

  • Chaise A Murphy ,
  • Karsten Koehler ,


Efficacious weight loss which reduces risk of mortality requires both significant initial weight loss and prevention of weight regain. Performing either aerobic or resistance exercise and elevating protein intake during caloric restriction (CR) preserves—and may increase—lean mass (LM), leading to targeted loss of fat mass. To maximize the LM retention stimulus achieved by consuming high-protein diets, gross and acute dosage, distribution and source of protein should all be optimized. Maintenance of LM during weight loss may improve satiety during CR and aids in the prevention of weight regain by blunting the post-CR hyperphagic response which causes overcompensation of fat mass regain known as the fat overshoot phenomenon. Overall, the combination of exercise and high protein diet promotes efficacious weight loss through preservation of LM, which resists weight regain.

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Murphy, C. A., & Koehler, K. (2017). Modulating Weight Loss and Regain through Exercise and Dietary Protein. Diabesity, 3(4), 13–17.




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