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Why a new journal, Diabesity- editorial perspectives


I am very pleased to write an inaugural editorial for the new journal, Diabesity as the editor-in-charge. Diabesity is a unique peer-reviewed open access interdisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high-quality articles in the areas of physiology, pathology and therapeutic aspects of diabetes, obesity and their complications. Diabesity focuses on clinical and experimental pharmacology and therapeutics in any aspect of these metabolic ailments in various experimental and clinical settings. Current therapeutic agents for obesity and diabetes are inadequate as the number of cases is on the rise. Along with public health strategies, development of alternative therapeutic agents is anticipated. Therefore, extensive research is being conducted in this field and is drawing intense attention from researchers, practitioners and the general public. Here arises the significance of a journal like Diabesity which can serve as a platform for knowledge sharing and the promotion and dissemination of new scientific advancements to a wide spectrum of readers.

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Thandapilly, S. J. (2015). Why a new journal, Diabesity- editorial perspectives. Diabesity - Journal of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 1(1), 1–2.




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